October 27

What’s For Lunch??



Yesterday, I committed myself to taking pictures of what a plant-based family like us have for lunch. Well, at least, I'll be trying to do it for a week or so. 🙂

The Curious

When people know that we have transitioned to plant-based, the immediate if not the most asked question is "Ano ang inuulam 'nyo? (What are you eating for lunch or dinner?)". And we quickly answer them with "Ummm... veggies". Expect a follow-up of either 1 or both of the other usual questions--

  • "Anong lasa?" (How does it taste like without any meat?)
  • "E, 'di puro kayo salad?!" (Does that mean you only eat salads now?)

For which we answered, "It's delicious" and "No, we don't eat salad only during every meal of every day.

The Inspiration

I learned from a new friend that she will be transitioning to a meat-free diet for a few days for health reasons. And she is also asking me for recipes and ideas for salt-free and oil-free meals. And she's already on her 3rd day on this diet! Wow! what a discipline! I think I won't last until dinner without salt in my food. (By the way, we believe that salt and fat are good for the body BUT it should be the GOOD SALT and GOOD FAT, that's probably for different post).

For people that are not plant-based, not only my friend, they find it challenging to find meals that they would eat every day. And it's probably my advantage that I love to cook as much as I love to eat. I have probably researched all the "vegan", "vegetarian", "meat-free" or "plant-based" version of every dish that I wanted to eat. After some time, I think I already gained the knowledge so I find it much easier to replace meat with tofu or mushroom or in rare cases, veggie meat.

Now, my prayer is for this post and other future food posts (hopefully, fingers crossed) may find its way to those people who are challenged to prepare their plant-based meals every day.

Please forgive me though for the quality of the pictures. The pictures are taken only using my phone's crude camera. But I'll try my best to be as descriptive as possible.

You Are Being Tricked

You read it right. I have a hidden agenda for having this post (*insert the not-so-evil-laugh here*). Hehe. I am actually praying that you who are reading this post will realize that preparing meals should not be confined to the usual and typical meals that we grew up with.

I think the secret to preparing plant-based meals is that you shouldn't be afraid to try out new things. Don't be too confined with what a Menudo or an Adobo looks like. In fact, who said that they should ONLY BE THAT WAY and cannot be something else?

Success in preparing meals, and I think it is the same with any area in your life, is to let yourself OUT of your comfort zone, OUT of your confinement. Don't limit yourself with what other people say as "SHOULD BE".

Happy cooking!

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Jennilyn Cimatu

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